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Save the Earth Now Campaign and its SED 20-30 Demand

All aims of this campaign are sought to be realised within a framework of justice, peace and democracy at three levels.

  • Wider Aim To protect and save the life-nurturing, life-sustaining conditions of planet Earth (within the framework of justice, democracy and peace).
  • Specific Aims

(i)    Elimination of all nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction.
(ii)   Restricting global warming to 1.50 C.
(iii)  Others aims considered crucial for the wider aim, to be specified from time to time.

  • Immediate Aim

World-level declaration of 2020-30 as the 'Decade for Saving Earth', signifying highest priority for the objective of protecting and saving the life-nurturing conditions of planet earth. In brief this immediate aim is called SED 20-30.

Basic Statement

Keeping in view the increasing serious threats to the life sustaining conditions of earth and the need to find time-bound solutions on most urgent basis within the framework of justice, peace and democracy, the decade 2020-30 should be declared 'Save the Earth Decade’. This will help to focus attention on the foremost issue - that it is of the greatest urgency today to protect the life sustaining conditions of planet earth.

It needs to be established clearly that saving the basic life-nurturing, life-sustaining conditions of earth is the most urgent task and this should be accomplished within a framework of justice, peace and democracy. All the issues of world should be taken up with this as the central, basic aim.

Co-ordinator - Bharat Dogra

Web-site -

Email -

Postal Address - C-27, Raksha Kunj, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110063 (India)

Tel. No. - 011 25255303, 9717450249

Two recent articles by Bharat Dogra explain the thinking of this campaign

  1. Coming Decade Crucial for Our Planet's Survival - The Statesman, May 9, 2019
  2. Hindi article—Manav Itihas Ka Sabse Nirnayak Dashak—Navbharat Times May 7, 2019

Seven books by Bharat Dogra explain the issues of this campaign

  1. One Decade to Protect Life, (Social Change Papers) (2015)
  2. Survival Crisis - Planet in Peril - People's Response the Only Way Forward (Vitasta Publication) --2019
  3. Protecting Earth for Children-Crucial Importance of Next Decade,2019, Social Change Papers
  4. Earth Without Borders—One World for Protecting All—2019, Social Change Papers
  5. Man Over Machine-A Path Towards Peace ( Book which provides a Gandhian perspective on this issue) ( Vitasta Publications)
  6. Book in Hindi—Dharti Ki Raksha Ke Liye Nirnayak Hai Agla Dashak-2019, Social Change Papers
  7. Hindi-- Khatre Mein Hai Dharti Ki Jeevandayini Kshamta-2015


This campaign and its immediate demand (SED 20-30) has the endorsement of several eminent persons and organizations. Two of the first supporters of this campaign and SED demand are eminent Gandhian activist P.V.Rajagopal (on behalf of the Jai Jagat Campaign/Global Peace Match and Razia Ismail, co-convenor of India Alliance for Child Rights. Other leading endorsers include Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey and Shankar on Behalf of the MKSS, ASHA organization for eco-friendly farming and safe food, Aruna Rodrigues, Prof. Jagmohan Singh on behalf of Shahid Bhagat Singh Research Committee, Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty, Prof. Jean Dreze, CBGA, ISS as well as several other eminent persons and organizations.

Bharat Dogra is a journalist and author who has been involved with several social movements and initiatives.

This campaign appeal with its SED demand has been sent to the United Nations Secretary General and also to  others  in leadership roles in national and international governance.

All friends who agree with this campaign and its SED demand are requested to take up this issue in their own way. If in addition they send us a letter or email of support we will add their name to our list of those who support this campaign and  we will try our best to keep them informed of the progress of this effort. We will try our best to support this campaign from the sales of our publications. Write to Bharat Dogra at the address given above and copy e-mail to his colleague Kuldeep Kulshreshtha at his address