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Two Recent Books

A Day in 2071, Published by Saptarishi, Rs. 399


  • in year 2071 elites use high technology to tighten their grip on people and Anita is called upon to lead a revolt;
  • Gandhi applies to Heaven authorities for a day’s return to Earth, and on coming back is visited by Einstein and Bhagat Singh;
  • When fear of the unseen Monster is used by elites to dominate people and kill their resistance;
  • When a consultant on rapid increase of GNP meets a tribal playing a flute under a shady tree.

The reader will encounter several such fascinating situations in this collection of novellas, short stories and flash fiction by Bharat Dogra, a writer known for his imaginative advocacy of alternative development paths. The book combines elements of futuristic vision and fantasy with irony and humor to present very thoughtful pieces of fiction.    

Navjeevan Va Anya Kahaniyan, Published by Saptarishi, Price Rs. 375

This is a book of 40 short stories in Hindi. Several of these stories capture human relationships in crisis situations. Some stories have freedom movement as background and some have social movements as background. Then there are stories which are full of irony and humor, and others which take up philosophical issues.