An Author and Journalist Writing on Development, Environment, Human Rights and Society

bharat dogra

Bharat Dogra is a freelance journalist, author, researcher, activist, all combined into one. He has written for 50 years mainly on peace, environment protection and justice issues, writings widely used by educational programs and social movements.

  • Received 18 prestigious journalism awards and several fellowships
  • Around ten thousand articles and 400 books/booklets written in Hindi and English have been published, plus several poems and songs, short stories and novellas, broadcasts on prime time radio, taught development journalism
  • Helped several social movements
  • Served in senior honorary positions in campaigns for right for information, shelters for homeless persons, support for social activists; currently Honorary Convener - Campaign to Protect Earth NOW
  • Aim in life - contribute in a humble way to creating a world based on justice, peace and environment protection

Curriculum Vitae

Read Article: My 50 Years as an Independent Writer

Published English Articles in 2014

  1. Health: Stark Regional Disparities- The Statesman-Jan.01, 2014;
  2. Accidents in Rural Areas Most Neglected- One India One People- January 2014;
  3. Dalit Women Panchayat Leaders Overcome Opposition to Provide Inspiring Leadership- Panchayat Raj Update. January;
  4. Pointless, Provocative Statements Displace Genuine Issues- Garhwal Post. Jan.3, 2014;
  5. How Television Reinforces Gender Stereotypes- Vidura. Jan.-March 2014.
  6. Where is Justice For Our Senior Citizens. Vidura. Jan.-March 2014.
  7. Farmers Realise the True Worth of RTI.  Grassroots Jan.15, 2014.
  8. Homeless Need Protection, Not Just From Cold. The Statesman. Jan.21,2014.
  9. Tribal Discontent Cannot be Tackled With Token Gestures. Garhwal Post. Jan.20, 2014
  10. Of Soil and Nutrition- Frontier. Jan. 20,2014.
  11. National Public Hearing Exposes Shocking Denial of Social Services. Garhwal Post. Jan.24, 2014;
  12. Increasing inequalities now Major Problem of World Economy. Garhwal Post. Jan.30, 2014;
  13. Health and Panchayat Raj- Panchayat Raj Update- February
  14. Bapu Asaram Episode- Need for Wider & Transparent Investigation-Mainstream. Feb.7-13, 2014;
  15. Lessons from Heritage.  Farmers’ Forum. Dec. 2013-Jan. 2014;
  16. Searching for Appropriate Model. Garhwal Post. Feb.10, 2014;
  17. Pension Reforms Can Bring Hope to Millions- Janta. Feb. 9,2014;
  18. Development Path of India- Some Major Policy Issues. Mainstream. Feb.21-27, 2014;
  19. An Open Letter to Medha Patkar. Mainstream. Feb. 21-27, 2014;
  20. Bt Cotton and Suicides. Frontier. Feb. 16-22,2014;
  21. Healing Touch For Bamhni. Civil Society, March 2014;
  22. Change Policies to Avoid Disasters. One India, One People. March 2014;
  23. The Road Not Taken. Janata Weekly
  24. Stop Pentavalent Vaccine Before It Is Too Late. Mainstream. March 7-13, 2014;
  25. Threat From GM Crops. Garhwal Post.
  26. Economic Views of Arvind Kejriwal. Mainstream. March 14-20, 2014;
  27. Lack of Safety Mechanism Proves Costly (Accidents). Statesman. March 7,2014;
  28. Best Homage to Shahid Bhagat Singh is to Build Unity of Left Forces. Mainstream, March 21-27, 2014;
  29. An Economy that will meet Basic Needs of All Without Ecological Ruin. Janata Weekly, March 16, 2014;
  30. An Open Letter to the Left Forces. Mainstream- March 21-27,2014;
  31. Elections  and Wider Social Change. Mainstream.  March 29, 2014;
  32. An Open Letter to Prakash Karat. Mainstream.  March 29, 2014;
  33. The Search for a Genuine Alternative. Janata Weekly. March 23, 2014;
  34. Affordable Vaccines Still a Distant Dream. Statesman. March 31, 2014;
  35. Recent Events Confirm Threat to Dam Safety. Garhwal Post, March 21;
  36. Left Unity Essential For Finding Genuine Alternative to Capitalist Path of Development.Garhwal Post, March 28, 2014;
  37. Folk Music Gets a Helping Hand. Civil Society- April, 2014;
  38. The Path of Revolution- Mainstream. April 4-10,2014;
  39. Reducing Distress and Dominance. JANTA- April 6,2014;
  40. Modi Model A Massive Myth. The Statesman- April 23; 2014;
  41. Open letter to India’s Maoists. Mainstream April 29, 2014;
  42. Working with Communities to Improve Sanitation- Grassroots.
  43. Forging a Bond with Villagers Through Community Radio, Grassroots
  44. Opinion Polls And Elections. Garhwal Post. April 27;
  45. New Land Reclamation Brings Hope. One India One People- May 2014;
  46. Reinventing Rural India. Civil Society. May 2014;
  47. Remembering Sunil (1960-2014), Socialist Leader & Writer. Mainstream May 2-8, 2014;
  48. Crucial Questions For Left Forces. Mainstream, May 2-8, 2014;
  49. On the River Bank (Book Review), Statesman, May 4, 2014;
  50. Ensuring Voting Rights. Statesman, May 4, 2014;
  51. Left Movement in India- Increasing Need, Decreasing Role. Janata Weekly, April 27, 2014;
  52. Technology in Rural Healthcare- Grassroots.
  53. Policy Issues that were Ignored in Election Campaign. Janata Weekly, May 4, 2014;
  54. Democratic Norms and Formation of New Government. Mainstream, May 9-15, 2014;
  55. Mukul Sinha. Mainstream, May 23-29, 2014;
  56. Elections Give BJP Historic Victory but Some Disturbing Trends Cannot be Ignored. Mainstream, May 23-29, 2014;
  57. May Day Celebrations A Time For Strengthening Working Class Resolves for Defending Hard Won Rights. Barefoot College Times, May, 2014;
  58. Women’s Day Celebration Strengthens Resolve to Face Difficult Challenges Ahead. Barefoot College Times. May, 2014;
  59. Increasing Importance of Bridge Schools. Barefoot College Times. May, 2014;
  60. Ani-Liquor Groups Help to Reduce Alcoholism in Remote Villages. Jan Swasthya Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  61. Forming Groups of Patients Enables them to Provide Mutual Support and Help. Jan Swasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  62. Timely Action Can Save Precious Lives. Jan Swasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  63. Making Available Fair Price, Good Quality Medicines. Jan Swasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  64. The Role of Information Technology in Rural Health Care.  Jan Swasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  65. Mental Health Problems Need Adequate Recognition in Rural Health Care. JanSwasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  66. Better Nurses For Rural Health Care- Students from Weaker Sections Bring New Hope. Jan Swasthya  Sahyog Patrika, April, 2014;
  67. Small Water Projects, Big Hopes. Farmers Forum. Apr-May, 2014;
  68. Don’t Deny Nehru’s Great Contribution. Mainstream, May 30-June 5;
  69. 52 Per Cent Seals With 31 Per Cent Vote Share. Mainstream, May 30-June 5;
  70. Women’s Leaders Honoured (Panchayats). Civil Society, June 2014;
  71. Left Decimated In Elections But Revival Possible. Janata Weekly. May 25, 2014;
  72. Aboriginal Paintings. Frontier, May 18-24, 2014;
  73. Risky Nod to Hazardous Crops. Janata Weekly, June, 2014;
  74. Left Forces Should Awake  Now Before It Is Too Late. Mainstream, June  2014;
  75. Questions About New Government’s Policies. Mainstream, June  2014;
  76. River Links- A Foolhardy Scheme Best Forgotton. Statesman, June 16,2014;
  77. How Billions of Rupees Have Been Snatched From the Poorest Construction Workers and Accident Victims, Janata Weekly, June 22, 2014 with Reena Mehta;
  78. Money For Dalits Used Up. Civil Society, July (With Roopam Singh);
  79. A Helping Hand for the Blind. Civil Society, July, 2014;
  80. Jan Swasthya Sahyog Reaches Out to Villagers With Mental Health Problems. One India, One People.
  81. Budget Justice For Dalits And Adivasis. Mainstream, July 5, 2014 (with Roopam Singh);
  82. How GM Crops Harm Farmers- Scientific Evidence Grows. Janata Weekly,  June29  do July 6, 2014 (in two parts);
  83. Budget and Vulnerable Sections of Society. Mainstream, July 11-17;
  84. Of Indigenous Varieties and High Yields. Frontier, July 6-12;
  85. Need to Support Doon Old Boys Campaign for Release/ Better Treatment of Kobad. Mainstream, July 19;
  86. Disturbing Trends in Governance- Timely Warning (Citizen’s Report), Mainstream, July 19
  87. Wanted: Comprehensive Law for Domestic Workers.  Vidura, July- September;
  88. New Technology in Media May Lead to Rise in Social Crimes. Vidura.
  89. Conserving Water: No Substitute For Traditional Wisdom. Grassroots, July 15, 2014;
  90. An Alternative Approach to Cleaning up the Ganga. The Statesman, July, 28, 2014;
  91. Budget  and Weaker Sections. Janata Weekly, July 20, 2014;
  92. Farm Policy Response to Climate Change. Farmers’ Forum, June-July;
  93. Ensure Justice For 148 Jailed Maruti Workers. Mainstream, Aug.2;    
  94. Drawing on Old Wisdom And Strength. The Statesman, Aug.10;
  95. Socialism- What, Why, How? Mainstream, Aug.8-14;
  96. Quenching the Thirst of Parched Land- Lessons from Jharkhand. Janata Weekly, August 3;
  97. Pluses and Minuses of the Budget. Civil Society, August;
  98. Riverside Dwellers in Peril. The Statesman. Aug. 17;
  99. Labour And Welfare. Frontier, Aug. 10-16;
  100. The Other Side of India’s Economic Growth. Federal Agency for Federal Education in Germany, Web-site.
  101. Women Barefoot Solar Engineers Light Up Remote Villages of Africa- They Were Trained in India at the Barefoot College. Barefoot College Times, August;
  102. Training Course For Barefoot Solar Engineers to Serve In India’s Villages. Barefoot College Times, August;
  103. Efforts Continue For Helping Folk Arts And Artists. Barefoot College Times, August;
  104. Education For All- Reaching Out to the Children From Poorest Families. Barefoot College Times, August;
  105. Instead of Dismantling We Need A Better Planning Commission. Mainstream, Aug. 30;
  106. Youth And the Struggles For Equality And Justice. Mainstream, Aug. 30;
  107. New Approach to Flood Control. The Statesman, Sep. 2;
  108. Traditional Farming System- the Best Teacher. One India, One People, September;
  109. It is Time India’s Villages Get Priority. One India, One People, September;
  110. When Lightning Strikes. Frontier, Aug.31-Sep.6, 2014;
  111. Sardar Sarovar Evictees Wait For Justice. Mainstream, Sep.5;
  112. Beware of the Coming Dangers of New Trade Agreements TTP and TTIP. Mainstream, Sep.12;
  113. Undertrials And Political Prisoners. Janata Weekly, Oct.5;
  114. Revisiting Development And Social Justice Agenda. Mainstream, Sep.19;
  115. Shahid Bhagat Singh (with Jagmohan Singh & Madhu Dogra). Mainstream, Sep. 26;
  116. Trained in India, They Return to Light Up Their Villages in Africa. Grassroots, Sep.;
  117. Follow the Law (Sardar Sarovar Project)- EPW, Sep. 20;
  118. Gandhi the Ecologist. The Statesman, Oct. 3;
  119. The Real Reasons For Mahatma Gandhi’s Greatness. Mainstream, Oct.3;
  120. Narmada Project Controversy. Janata Weekly, Oct.5;
  121. Chilling Lack of Sensitivity in Cinema and TV. Vidura, Oct.-Dec.;
  122. In Memory of Navin Nautiyal-Writer, Journalist & Social Activist.Garhwal Post, Oct. 7;
  123. Helping Children to Bridge Learning Gap. The Statesman, Oct.6;
  124. Bullet Train, Smart Cities and Development Priorities, Mainstream, Oct.10;
  125. From a Prison Cell  (With Jagmohan Singh). The Statesman Festival Issue, 2014;
  126. Need to Review and Reverse the Decision on Planning Commission. Mainstream, 17;
  127. Saving the Ganga or Endangering it  Further. The Statesman, Oct.14;
  128. New Hype About GM Mosquitoes. The Statesman, Oct.17;
  129. Rural Innovator’s Turbine Can Greatly Reduce Farming Costs. Janata Weekly, Oct. 19;
  130. NREGA Set For Drastic Overhaul. The Statesman, Oct.27;
  131. Don’t Dilute or Restrict MGNREGA. Mainstream, Oct.31;
  132. Protectors Also Need Protection. One India, One People, Nov.;
  133. Hill Towns Under Duress. The Statesman, Oct.4;
  134. Why is Left Unity So Vital Today? Mainstream, Nov.8;
  135. Basic  Heritage & the Freedom Struggle. Mainstream, Nov.15;
  136. Preventing Accidents, Mitigating Misery. Statesman, Nov.15;
  137. Festivals- Happiness can Increase if Social Evils Are Avoided. Garhwal Post.
  138. Tulsi Plant and GM Crops. Garhwal Post.
  139. Rural Innovators’ Struggles. Garhwal Post.
  140. Chattisgarh’s Sterilization Tragedy. The Statesman, Nov. 24;
  141. Learning From the Chinese Experience. Mainstream, Nov. 29;
  142. Why do we Perish on Unsafe Roads? The Statesman, Dec.2;
  143. Arbitrary Budget Cuts in Social Sectors. Mainstream, Dec.5;
  144. Gaps in Model Village Scheme. The Statesman, Dec. 16;
  145. Times and Sites Change, Dominance Remains. The Statesman, Dec. 21;
  146. Much to Learn From Tribals. The Statesman, Dec. 22;
  147. Government Goes Ahead With GM Crop Trials. Mainstream Annual Issue 2014.